Dragon Link Long Range System

Elemental is pdragonlinksmroud to announce that Dragon Link products are now available in our store. Dragon Link are manufacturers of one of the best Long Range Radio Systems making use of UHF allowing flight up to 40km away or simply amazing signal at closer range with no chance of signal loss. The following gives a basic introduction to the great product:


Flawless RC Control Without Limits

Fly your FPV copter or plane anywhere, any distance, in cities, around buildings, around objects with perfect control, and NEVER have a glitch or failsafe again. Sound impossible ??? Technology changes everything !!!  We have spent the extra money on the highest quality components and filtering available.  The Dragon Link RC system will allow you to enjoy FPV flight and never even have to think about RC control again. The system will pay for itself with the first crash or lost plane it prevents. The Dragon Link system is completely hassle free, once set up, it just works, no hassles, no extra steps required, just turn on and fly. The Dragon Link system is compatible with all copter flight controllers, autopilots, and RC accessories. The Dragon Link system is made, fully supported, and fully guaranteed in the USA.

To see a demonstration video of what the Dragon Link system is capable of CLICK HERE



MYTH:  My copter only has a range of ONE MILE, I do not need a long range RC system…

REALITY:  How many times have you been flying at around 1 mile, and been afraid to fly low, or go into a clearing behind trees, or fly near a metal tower because you might loose your RC signal ???   Dragon Link will open up an entire new world of FPV and Capability for you even at ranges of 1 mile and less !!!

The Dragon Link system is compatible with ANY RC Transmitter that has a Trainer Port, DSC Port, or older style RF module pins.   This covers 99 % of all RC transmitters ever made !!!  The receiver is the most advanced RC receiver ever made, and is fully compatible with ALL flight controllers, autopilots, and airborne RC devices.   The Dragon Link works by using our system components to do the actual transmission and reception of RC signals using a lower frequency 430 MHZ that travels much further and also penetrates trees and objects.  Our advanced frequency hopping allows the system avoid any sources of interference and use only clear channels.   Dragon Link has been in business for 6 years now, with many THOUSANDS of units used in different applications, from copter racing, to near space flights, to long range UAV’s, and is used with perfect control in every major city on earth.   Dragon Link fly’s in downtown Los Angeles, New York, Mexico City, Bangkok, Beijing, Afghanistan, and all around the globe with perfect control.  No matter how ” challenging ” you think your flight area or application may be, Dragon Link can handle it.

NOTE:  The Dragon Link is for RC and data ONLY, it does not transmit or affect video in any way, but is fully compatible with ALL FPV video frequencies and systems.  If you are looking for a video system that will match the range and performance of the Dragon Link system, we can help you there also !

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Introduction to Quick Silver and Element 6

Elemental FPV brings you two new models, the Quick Silver and Element 6.



Quick Silver, named after the element Mercury as it is both silver and super quick. The element mercury is a fast moving liquid metal, so fast they named it after the fastest planet in our solar system so its only fitting to name this model after “quick silver”.


Element 6 is a racing hexacopter, and yes there is also a nerdy explanation to the name. The 6th element of the periodic table is Carbon, and Element 6 is a carbon fiber frame with carbon fiber propellers. Element 6 is also a reference to the number of arms the multicopter has and with its light-weight carbon fiber frame and six motors this racer is only for those prepared for insane speeds.


FPV Racing and aerobatics

FPV racing and aerobatics are what 250 size multicopters are all about, they are small, they are quick(very quick) and most importantly inexpensive..

A very basic racing multicopter set up, and the cheapest, is a non-fpv racer. These are great for when you starting out and just getting a feel for the hobby. They are also very good for learning the basics of remote control flying if you interested in flying helicopters, keep in mind they are cheaper to buy and cheaper to fix.

A non-FPV racer is great fun, but all the hype is in the First Person View element of it, which allows the pilot to fly based on a visual feed from the multicopter. This takes flying to a whole new level as you can fly the multicopter as if you were sitting inside of it. The speed, the size, the FPV ability are the things that make FPV racing possible and very exciting.

Check out the following video, some great pilots in the video…